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Kesino Consoles is a professional control room console manufacturer in China. We mainly produce high-end customized control room console furniture. Whether you plan to open a technical factory, security company, or command center project, we can provide you with the complete control console solution. Our console systems are all price-competitive and of good quality.


Classic Console – KCA-22

Previous Next Classic Console – KCA-22 This desk was designed to help you control your recording environment. It has a comfortable place to sit, and


Classic Console – KCA-22-P

Previous Next Classic Console – KCA-22-P If you’re looking for a top-quality control room desk that will give you years of service, you need to

Classic Console - KCD-19-BACK VIEW

Classic Console – KCD-19

Previous Next Classic Console – KCD-19 The Classic Console – KCD-19 is the perfect desk for any control room. Its spacious work surface and comfortable

KCD-22 Leg anti-collision design

Classic Console – KCD-22

Previous Next Classic Console – KCD-22 Classic Console – KCD-22 is the perfect solution for any music producer, engineer or audio technician. It provides a

Classic KCD-22-P Series

Classic Console – KCD-22-P

Previous Next Classic Console – KCD-22-P The Classic Console – KCD-22-P is the perfect control room desk for your home studio. It’s spacious and has


Classic Console – KCF-21

Previous Next Classic Console – KCF-21 If you’re looking for a classic control room desk, the KCF-21 is the perfect choice. It’s built to last,


Classic Console – KCF-22

Previous Next Classic Console – KCF-22 The Classic Console – KCF-22 is the perfect desk for any control room. It’s spacious and has plenty of


Classic Console – KCG-22

Previous Next Classic Console – KCG-22 If you’re looking for a quality control room desk that won’t break the bank, the Classic Console – KCG-22


Classic Console – KCH-A

Previous Next Classic Console – KCH-A If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line control room desk, look no further than the Classic Console – KCH-A. This

Types of Control Consoles

Specialized workstations, known as industrial control room consoles, are tailor-made to meet the unique demands of industrial environments. They hold the reins in control centers, steering vital operations in utility power plants, 911 dispatch centers, and air traffic control settings. Designed with a keen eye on the grueling 24/7 use, these consoles also prioritize comfort and ergonomics for operators who clock long hours at these workstations.

Engine control room consoles, or ECR consoles, are pivotal components of the automatic control system on maritime vessels, functioning as the operational heart of the ship. They supervise crucial systems, including the engine, power distribution, and communication systems. The main function of these consoles is to oversee the operation of the ship’s engine(s) through a dashboard-style display filled with various gauges and indicators. These consoles deliver real-time data such as fuel levels, temperature readings, engine RPMs, and other crucial parameters. They provide an effortless understanding of the engine’s health and overall operation, thereby serving as a critical tool for the maritime crew to ensure safe navigation.


Air traffic controllers use specially tailored workstations, known as air traffic control room consoles, equipped with advanced technology like flight management, radar, and communication systems. These consoles are vital in managing aircraft on the ground and in flight, providing a safe and efficient air traffic environment.

The ergonomic design of these consoles boosts operator alertness, a crucial factor for monitoring incoming and outgoing flight traffic. In addition to catering to individual needs, these consoles facilitate interpersonal interactions within the control room. This design benefits critical decision-making and smooth traffic flow and is adaptable and scalable to accommodate future growth in air traffic capabilities.

Ascend Sit/Stand Control Room Consoles are state-of-the-art, versatile workstations designed to enhance productivity and reduce physical stress in command center environments. They feature electric-lift legs for effortless adjustment and three programmable height settings for optimal comfort. Additionally, these consoles come with thoughtful features like a round plastic grommet for orderly wire routing, sturdy double-panel doors for CPU or storage support, and an integrated aluminum track system to accommodate various monitor arrays. The surface is coated with a durable, easy-to-clean high-pressure plastic laminate in various colors, patterns, and textures. To promote a healthy work environment, the consoles are treated with antibacterial and antifungal additives, UV-resistant, suitable for 24/7 operations, and stain-resistant.

Command control room consoles are custom workstations primarily used in control centers such as surveillance command centers and operational hubs. They’re renowned for their superior ergonomic design, tailored to the unique requirements of mission-critical organizations. These consoles aim to offer operators a conducive and efficient workspace, particularly beneficial during high-intensity situations and extended shifts. The thoughtful design of these desks incorporates elements such as multi-monitor setups, sizable equipment, adjustable workspaces, and customizable lighting, heating, and cooling controls. All these features are orchestrated to assure easy accessibility to all necessary tools, minimizing physical strain or sensory discomfort for the user.

Compact control room consoles, integral to various high-stakes control centers such as air traffic controls and 911 dispatch centers, are tailored to meet the unique needs of these environments. With a depth of 32 inches, these consoles are designed for space efficiency and high ergonomic standards, ensuring operator comfort and safety during long work shifts in high-pressure situations. They boast adjustable surfaces and monitors to accommodate different employee heights and proportions, promoting proper postural alignment, whether seated or standing.

Federal and regional military organizations rely heavily on Military Control Room Consoles. These special workstations, designed for comfort, efficiency, and teamwork, serve as crucial nerve centers for various activities. They provide field access, gear up for emergency readiness, facilitate joint ventures, and manage cyber operations. The primary design aim is to enhance situational awareness and mission readiness, allowing personnel to perform at their best. These consoles are vital to the command and control centers’ infrastructure, perfectly equipped to meet the demands of military operations, emergency response, and cyber security.

Oil and gas control room consoles act as the beating heart of energy facilities, overseeing and coordinating all production activities. These central stations are armed with vital systems that keep tabs on everything from oil and gas flow to the supervision of drilling operations. They offer a comprehensive snapshot of ongoing activities and immediate entry to real-time data, enabling quick, well-informed decisions. Built to handle high-pressure situations, these consoles prioritize the operators’ comfort. They come with adaptable lighting, adjustable temperature, and cutting-edge air quality systems to enhance productivity and smooth operations. Moreover, these consoles are future-ready, effortlessly integrating technology upgrades to remain durable and relevant, despite rapid technological advancements.

Power plant control room consoles are the nerve centers of a utility facility. They are the active ground where all data and information regarding the operation of power plants are closely monitored. Designed ergonomically, these consoles encompass various components and include furniture solutions that are crafted to maintain alertness and readiness.

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and control room operators use specialized security control room consoles to keep an eye on and manage various systems. These consoles offer them a panoramic perspective of facilities, complexes, and locations spanning multiple sites. The consoles come loaded with crucial tools like workstations, monitors, keyboards, and mouse equipment, which they employ to run video surveillance, control access systems, detect intrusions, and operate security communication systems.

CCTV control room consoles, specialized furniture for handling surveillance systems, act as a central hub for security staff to monitor and assess CCTV footage. These consoles come with adjustable monitor positions to provide optimal viewing angles to screens and control room cameras. The ergonomic design ensures operators who spend extended hours in the control room are comfortable and efficient. The consoles’ modern aesthetics allow them to blend seamlessly into any setting. The modular structure permits adaptability in managing present workflows and future expansion. We provide CCTV control room consoles compatible with CRT monitors, LCDs, or both, meeting all your equipment needs. They offer expertise and customizable options to create a unique, personalized security/surveillance control room that fits your specifications.

Advantages of Our Control Room Consoles


Our consoles are designed to withstand the demanding 24/7 work environment. Unlike regular office furniture, our control room furniture is made from metal, which makes it more durable and long-lasting. You can trust our consoles to last 10 to 15 years or even longer.


Our control room furniture is also designed to accommodate the specific needs of control room operations. With the increasing reliance on technology in control rooms, our consoles are equipped to handle multiple monitors, processors, and specialized devices. Additionally, our consoles provide ample space for operators to work comfortably and efficiently.


Flexibility is another key advantage of our control room consoles. The modular design allows for easy customization and expansion to meet changing needs. Whether you need to add more equipment or accommodate more employees, our consoles can be easily rearranged or extended.


Furthermore, our control room consoles are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and maximize comfort and productivity. Working in a control room can be stressful, so we have incorporated adjustable features such as sliding tracks for personalized fit, adjustable keyboards, and screens for displaying relevant information.

Cable management

In terms of convenience, our control room consoles offer integrated cable management to keep your workspace organized and efficient. Additionally, our consoles come with versatile power data and USB options, allowing for emergency calls and other critical tasks.

Best support

Lastly, our control room consoles are backed by positive customer feedback. 97% of our last 100 customers rated our products between 8/10 and 10/10. As a leading modular control room furniture supplier, we pride ourselves on responsive and user-friendly features and construction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Control Room Consoles Tables Furniture

Control room console furniture ranges in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. This price range reflects the quality and features of the furniture. The higher-end furniture typically has features not available in the lower-end furniture, such as interactive screens and built-in speakers. In general, professional-level console prices are $600 to $1,200, custom console prices are $1,200 to $1,500, and smart control lift console prices are $1,500 to $2,300.

We are a professional factory with more than 10-year experience in production console tables. Our certifications are numerous and accredited. All products we manufacture are made with high-quality material and ergonomic design.

The control room can be used as police control room, security control room, industrial control room, power plant control room, studio control room, tv control room, air traffic control room, evans control room, mission control room, broadcast control room, production control room, news control room, video control room, and television control room…

12 months for desk top, 10 years for main metal frame. 

Surly, show your room layout, design your unique control room solution. 

Control consoles project & customer cases

A city control center project in Japan

A city control center project in Japan

A regional control center project in the United Arab Emirates

A regional control center project in the United Arab Emirates

Inner Mongolia Mining Dispatching Center

Inner Mongolia Mining Dispatching Center

Thailand Coastal Inspection Center

Thailand Coastal Inspection Center

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Our control room console’s equipment design team can help you choose the best control consoles for you. If you have ideas about understanding or buying the consoles, please contact us. Kesino Consoles will provide you with a complete turnkey solution.

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Consoles project cases
A city control center project in Japan

A city control center project in Japan

A regional control center project in the United Arab Emirates

A regional control center project in the United Arab Emirates

Inner Mongolia Mining Dispatching Center

Inner Mongolia Mining Dispatching Center

Thailand Coastal Inspection Center

Thailand Coastal Inspection Center

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