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KESINO began in 2009 in Beijing, with decades of experience and the latest in leading-edge design, audio-visual, technical furniture, and ergonomic technology, Kesino is your best choice for your command center & control rooms. All console products are widely used in radio-television, air traffic control, powder dispatching, government agencies, traffic control scheduling, energy & chemical industry, public safety, etc

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Control Console

Tap the human potential, protect the physical and mental health of operators, improve work efficiency.

Trading Desk

Our Trading Desks utilise the same frame throughout, enabling us to configure your desk to suit your unique IT requirements.

Meeting Table

Its products include console, TV wall, various integrated

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Customized OEM series products and accessories(Ergonomic Chair, Multi-screen Stand, PDU Power Strip, Filing Cabinet, Rectangle File Cabinets, and High strength mute).

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Control Room FAQS

Control rooms are where technicians and managers manage the everyday operations for a given entity. Control rooms are used by police stations, refineries, or other process-intensive companies or organizations.

A control room is a room that serves as a central control and monitoring station for security, safety, building and other types of control systems in a large facility or area.

The control room can be used as police control room, security control room, industrial control room, power plant control room, studio control room, tv control room, air traffic control room, evans control room, mission control room, broadcast control room, production control room, news control room, video control room, and television control room…

The control room is a room located in an offshore platform. In this room, the operators control the oil and gas production. Operators monitor the operation to ensure that everything is working properly.

The control room, a central hub where all of the information required for a thermal power plant’s efficient control and management is displayed, is the point in the plant where all of this information comes together.

The substation control room performs all of the control, protection and supervision functions. The relays, protection and control panels are installed in the controlled room.

The CCTV control and monitoring room is the area of a building where CCTV is monitored, and where staff can access information from cameras and store it.

Fire control rooms are found in large buildings, complex buildings, and buildings that incorporate phased evacuation. Fire control rooms are intended to support firefighting operations.

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A city control center project in Japan

A city control center project in Japan

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A regional control center project in UAE

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Inner Mongolia Mining Dispatching Center

Thailand Coastal Inspection Center

Thailand Coastal Inspection Center

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